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How Much Does a Radon Mitigation Company Cost?

Radon Mitigation Cost

If there is radon present in your home, you might be prepared to call a radon mitigation company. Before you do, though, you might be curious about how much you’re going to have to pay for radon mitigation for your Connecticut home. This guide can help you learn a little more about the costs and benefits of radon mitigation systems so that you’ll know what to expect and so that you can prepare for the installation of your system.

How Much Does Radon Testing Cost?

If you have not had your home checked for radon, then you will probably want to have this done before you opt to install a radon mitigation system. There are do-it-yourself kits that you can use yourself. You can purchase these from most home improvement stores, but you may find that opting for a professional radon test is the better decision.

A professional radon testing and mitigation company will have the best equipment and the know-how to test your air and soil for radon. Typically, radon mitigation companies do not charge a lot for their testing services. For many homeowners, it’s worth the modest cost for professional testing so that they will know that the results are accurate.

How Much Does Radon Mitigation Cost?

The best way to get an accurate quote for radon mitigation for your home is to have a professional come out and give you a quote. After all, there are various factors that go into the cost of a radon mitigation system, so the price that you will pay may be different from what a friend or neighbor paid.

Of course, being aware of some of the things that are taken into consideration for quotes for these systems is helpful. For example, the size and layout of your home will have a big impact on cost. Obviously, your mitigation system may be more expensive for a larger home that it would be for a smaller house. If the layout of your home makes it more difficult to install the right pipes for your system, then this is going to impact the price of your system, too.

Additionally, the type of foundation that your home has will also have an impact, and the construction materials that were used to build your home can affect your quote, too.

One major contributing factor to the cost of a radon mitigation system is the work that will have to be done to conceal the system’s components and to maintain your home’s aesthetic value. An exterior system may be cheaper and may work well at mitigating radon, but it might have more of an impact on your home’s appearance than a more expensive system that runs through a closet in your home.

If you have concerns about costs, let the professional who comes to your home know. He or she can help you explore your options and their prices and can help you stick within your budget while preserving the aesthetics of your home as much as possible.

Are There Extra Costs You Should Know About?

In addition to paying for your radon mitigation system to be installed, there are additional costs that you may not have thought about. For example, the fan component of your radon mitigation system will have to run all the time for your system to do its job. This can contribute to your electric bills, but the cost should not be too significant. Looking for other ways to conserve energy in your home can help you mitigate the added cost that goes along with operating your radon mitigation system.

Your radon mitigation system can also pull warm or cool air out of your home. Because of this, you could be concerned about your home heating and cooling bills going up. If proper sealing work is done during or after the installation of your system, though, you can help minimize this problem.

Naturally, as with any other component of your home, maintenance is required. Luckily, though, radon mitigation systems typically do not require much maintenance. If the right system is installed and if the installation is done properly, then you should have few problems. You may have problems at some point, such as issues with your fan. Luckily, these fans do typically come with a warranty.

Generally, the ownership costs for these systems are not significant. Plus, you cannot put a price on keeping you and your family safe from the dangers of radon. However, being aware of these costs now can help you avoid surprises later.

Why Radon Mitigation is Worth the Cost

Despite the cost of installing a system, you’ll probably find that radon mitigation is well worth the cost for these key reasons:

  • It’ll help you keep you and your family safe. After all, radon exposure can cause serious health issues, such as lung cancer. Many people do not realize that they have been affected by radon until it is too late, so focusing on protecting yourself and your loved ones now is important. This is particularly true if you have higher levels of radon in your home or if you are a smoker.
  • Installing a radon mitigation system will provide you with peace of mind. After all, you might spend a lot of time worrying about you and your family and how you might be impacted by radon, and having the right system installed can help you get rid of these fears.
  • If you put your home up for sale later, the radon mitigation system can serve as a great selling point and could even help you get higher offers for your home.

Cost is obviously a concern for many people when it comes to making improvements to their homes. If you are thinking about installing a radon mitigation system in your home, you might be concerned about how it will affect your budget. Luckily, there are options that will not break the bank. Contact us at Radon Systems of Connecticut for more information or to schedule a radon test or a radon mitigation system consultation.