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Your Guide to Radon: Fact vs. Fallacy

Your Guide to Radon: Fact vs. Fallacy

As a homeowner or as someone looking at homes that are for sale, it can often seem overwhelming when you think about all of the steps you must take to ensure that your family is safe. Houses built before 1978 should be checked for lead paint. You may worry about Chinese drywall being present in a home built in the early part of this century. Dangers like mold and mildew can wreak havoc years after its formation.

One danger that you might not have even heard of is that of radon. Radon is a radioactive gas that is formed underground. In the air outdoors, it’s not much of a problem at all, but if it accumulates inside of your home, it can put you and your family members at risk of developing lung cancer.

There are many misconceptions when it comes to radon, radon testing, and radon mitigation. We have put together a document that highlights some of the facts about radon. You’ll learn about how you can find out if you have radon, what to do if you do, and even how you can prevent radon problems in a brand new home that you’re having built.

The PDF is free; you just need to enter your email address and download it. We urge you to read through it and consider whether you have the need for radon services.

Your Guide to Radon: Fact vs. Fallacy

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