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How To Find The Right Radon Mitigation Service:

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Radon is present all around the United States of America, especially in the midwestern areas. Radon is not visible to the naked eye nor smellable by the naked nose. It seeps through the soil and get into groundwater supplies and into your home through various mechanisms.

It may have been that you just bought a new home, you may be selling a home or you just have noticed that are concerned about radon for various reason. You are going to want to find a professional radon testing and radon mitigation service. A real professional, don’t get caught up with some average Joe tester, only to find out later that you may have gotten radon poisoning and potentially lung cancer. Avoid that by using these tips to finding the right professional radon mitigation service. 

Background Check

You can check with the state radon office through the Department of Public Health for a list of qualified radon contractor. This agency should have a list of the radon systems and service providers who are licensed to work in your state. 

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If your agency does not offer this service, try asking your real estate agent or someone you know who has recently bought a house. Call the contractor recommended and ask if they are certified. You can also ask if they follow American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards.

Compare Price Quotes

Your radon contractor should be able to tell you how much it will cost to have radon testing done. If your results come back indicating your home needs radon mitigation, the company should be able to give you a price estimate.

It’s possible that the contractor may need to come back to your home to determine what type of mitigation system would be best. Be sure to let him or her know what your budget is; if you can’t afford one type of system, there might be a less expensive option.

Expect Professionalism

Your radon contractor should be exhibiting professionalism at every stage of the testing and mitigation process. Before any mitigation work is started, you should receive a contract with the details of the cost of the job, the time it will take and any details about a guarantee that the radon levels will be lowered to a certain point, if applicable.

The contractor should carry liability insurance and should guarantee that he or she is responsible for cleaning up after the remediation is done. Also, the radon service company should be responsible for any damage that occurs during the remediation work.

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Once the work is done, make sure that the contractor explains how to use the system and what to do if there is a problem. Also, if there are any warranties, be sure to get these in writing.

When choosing any type of professional to work on your home, it pays to do your homework in order to be sure that you get a high-quality contractor. When it comes to choosing the best radon contractor, make sure you ask all of the questions that you need answers to and that you feel comfortable with the person or company you hire.

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