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Equipment Service

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Checking Your Radon Equipment

Whether you are moving into a new home that has previously installed equipment, you have old equipment that needs servicing or you have brand new radon mitigation equipment that you need serviced - we are knowledgeable in all brands and radon reduction products.

Even if we did not install the radon mitigation equipment for you, we have specialists that can come out and test your equipment to make sure it is properly working.

Why Service Radon Reduction Equipment?

Many people buying and selling homes find that they are in need of having their radon equipment serviced. Buyers will ask when the last time a home's equipment was serviced and as a new home buyer, you should always ask when the last radon test and equipment servicing took place.

Another reason you should always have your radon equipment serviced is to make sure that radon levels are at an all time low and safe rate. If you have recently installed radon mitigation equipment, it is a good idea to have an inspector come out and properly check whether your equipment is doing the job right!

Our radon equipment servicers are all professionally trained and have the skill set it takes to determine and diagnose any problems you may be having with equipment. Many people complain of excess radon fan noise - we can even help you solve that annoying problem!

Overall, we are dedicated to providing you with all your radon elimination needs. From radon testing to radon mitigation and both old and new radon equipment servicing - we are the professionals you want when dealing with your family's health and safety.

If you need your current radon equipment serviced or checked, call us now for the professional help your family deserves!